I'm Susan Walicki, a Denver based UX/UI Designer

Great design comes from listening and understanding the reason why. By designing from the core problem, I create solutions that awaken us to new posibilities and leave us unable to imagine a different result. It’s about making the complex unarguably obvious, and arriving at the closest thing to right

I design with the heart of an artist and the head of a climber. I’m a curator of emotions and efficient problem solver in high stress situations, seeking intuitive solutions through seamless experiences. I build client relationships on trust and partnership to pave way to exploration and creativity

What I can do for you


Brand story telling and messaging
Logo design
Style guidelines


UX Design

User research (user interviews, surveys, and testing)
User journeys and personas
Concept development & story boarding


UI Design

Mood boards
Design systems
Style guidelines
High fidelity wireframes & prototypes

Interested in working together, or learning more about me?